Find the differences in the pictures to the energy system of the future

How can Switzerland become climate neutral? SURE provides answers with an elaborate computer. We are using it to investigate how Switzerland’s energy supply can be transformed. Explore the different scenarios by finding differences on the two pictures.   2050:climate neutral with energy from Switzerland   From today to climate neutrality in 2050   2050: Climate […]

How to assess the sustainability and resilience of the Swiss energy transition?

Workshop on 07.10.22 in Zurich Stakeholder Forum Friday 7th October 2022 in the premises of ETH in Zurich (CLA J1 building), from 9:30 to 15:30. Registration is open, reserve your spot here. Engaging with major stakeholders of the Swiss energy sector is an integral element of SWEET-SURE. This has been demonstrated by the excellent input we got […]

Shareholder Forum – 07 Oct 2022

How to assess sustainability and resilience in the Swiss energy sector? Friday 7th October 09:30-15:30, ETH Zürich The second SURE Stakeholder workshop will take place. At this event the SURE team will exchange with the Stakeholder forum on indicators on how to assess sustainability and resilience in the Swiss energy sector. Save the date and […]

Save the Date

On 7 April 2022, the first SURE Stakeholder workshop will take place. At this event, the SURE scenario team will exchange with stakeholders from the energy sector of Switzerland on future energy transformation pathways for Switzerland and possible disruptive events, which may impact the energy sector in future.

Development of PSI’s energy system model with focus on industry

SURE employs a comprehensive energy modelling framework, and in this regard, model development is essential to answer the project’s research questions. A milestone on the development of PSI’s Swiss TIMES Energy system Model (STEM) has been reached and published by Michel Obrist who enhanced the model for a specific industry sector. Insights on the advanced […]

The SURE Gaming approach gets attraction of Swiss Media

In SURE, we aim to gain new insights on energy consumers’ behaviour under disruptive events. Therefore, a game-based approach will be developed. The game will simulate major elements of the future energy system using insights from comprehensive energy modelling and the gamers’ creativity. Rolf Krause and Tom Kober on this topic in 20 Minuten: Zockend […]

Interview: SURE coordinator Tom Kober

Interview: SURE coordinator Tom Kober, head of the Energy Economics group in the Laboratory for Energy System Analysis at PSI, explains in Energeia Plus how the consortium is proceeding and what goals it is pursuing. Read the interview here: Sicher in die Energiezukunft – SURE rückt Versorgungssicherheit ins Zentrum