- 1 -
Canton Ticino

The case study of CANTON TICINO adopts the methods and tools developed by the consortium and applies them in a regional context to assess and ensure the coherence between federal and regional sustainability and resilience solutions that meet the aspirations and expectations of local actors.

- 2 -
Urban and Sub-urban scale

The case study at the URBAN AND SUB-URBAN SCALE with Zurich as a starting point adapts the concept of the sustainability and resilience of the energy system in order to additionally take into account aspects that could arise from the specificities of urban energy planning.

- 3 -
Transport Sector and
Energy-Intensive Industries

The case study on sustainability and resilience of the TRANSPORT SECTOR AND ENERGY-INTENSIVE INDUSTRIES investigates the interdependence of the operator of the Swiss train system (SBB) and the Swiss energy system to assess specific impacts of the activities of large actors of the energy system on sustainability and resilience, as well as resilience and sustainability aspects related to process heat provision for industrial companies and areas.