Work Packages

Work Packages

SURE will focus on five main thematic areas, which are each addressed by one or more WPs:

Sustainability and resilience criteria and indicators

Integrated assessment of sustainable and resilient configurations of the energy system

Recommendations of strategies and roadmaps by considering the political environment and regulatory aspects

Analysis of long-term overarching pathways, disruptive events and associated uncertainty

Sustainability and resilience in a cantonal, urban and industrial context through case studies

WP16 : Stakeholder & project coordination and management

Project Phases

SURE can be clustered along with three main phases. Most WPs run for more than one project phase but have a work focus that can be associated with the time structure as follows

In the first project phase, the stakeholder forum will be established as well as the sustainability and resilience indicators database. The life cycle assessment framework and the economy-energy-grids-demand-behavior modelling tools in SURE will be further enhanced in.

In the second project phase the overarching long-term pathways are quantified with the modelling toolbox of SURE, and their performance is assessed with respect to the sustainability and resilience indicators via a series of disruptive events.

In the third project phase the integrated assessment of the long-term pathways and the policy mixes is conducted, based on the active engagement of stakeholders.more