SURE Achievements in 2022-2023

The main five highlights (results, challenges, learnings, etc.) during the reporting period were the following: -The SURE project analyzes sustainable energy pathways for Switzerland until 2050, engaging the stakeholder forum for expert exchanges. In 2022, two workshops provided outcomes supporting scenario analysis and contributed to SWEET-CROSS initiatives. – In SURE’s second year, an advanced analytical framework, including pathway and shock scenarios, was developed through collaborative efforts, resulting in the publication of Deliverable 2.1 as a guideline for model-based quantitative analyses. – To understand shock impacts on governance, SURE conducts cantonal, urban, and sectorial case studies. For instance, in the Ticino case study, extreme weather events and societal changes were identified as potential disruptors to the transition to a sustainable energy system, while stakeholders in Zurich emphasized the need to enhance resilience against temperature extremes. Industry and SBB case studies identified financial shocks, heat waves, and cold spells as significant disruptors, with resilience assessments conducted. – Advanced Global Sensitivity Analysis (GSA) for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was demonstrated to enhance understanding of uncertainties in input parameters and outputs, with A. Kim successfully completing her Ph.D. thesis on the methodological advancements and results during the second year of SWEET-SURE. – In the second year of SURE, M. Obrist completed his Ph.D. thesis, presenting significant methodological advancements in technology modeling for the Swiss energy system’s industry sector using a TIMES framework, enabling in-depth analysis of decarbonization measures and energy efficiency improvements across various industrial sectors.