Long-term integration of large-scale gas storage in Switzerland

This study was mandated by Gaznat and is an associated case study to the SWEET project “Sustainable and Resilient Energy for Switzerland” (SURE). It analyses the role of large-scale gas storage in the Swiss energy system taking into consideration the Swiss energy strategy and climate goals as well as the security of supply objectives within a quantitative model-based scenario framework. Related to largescale gas storages, the study particularly focuses on potentially new gas storage options for Switzerland, such as Lined Rock Cavern – LRC storages and Liquefied Natural Gas – LNG storages. In order to quantify long-term developments of the energy system of Switzerland and the role of gas storages specifically, the well-established Swiss TIMES Energy systems Model has been employed and complemented with a dedicated dynamic gas flow model of the Swiss gas grid using the FlexECO modelling framework.